eVitabu Privacy Policy

African Pastors Fellowship will only share your details with our partners in line with our terms of service and this privacy policy. Unless expressly required by law, your details will not be passed on to any other third parties without your prior consent. This policy was last reviewed and updated in December 2020.

What data does APF collect about me?

APF collects as little data as possible, as we respect your privacy. That said, we require some information in order to ensure we can offer services to you:

Is my use of the system monitored?

Access to eVitabu is monitored, so we can see who has logged in, when, and what actions they took. This information is useful for troubleshooting and providing usage statistics to our partners.

Will my details be provided for a third party?

To the police / law enforcement
If we receive a certified request from law enforcement to provide information, we are legally required to provide this information. We will only ever provide the minimum information to conform with their request.

To APF sponsors
APF share your bio details including name, ministry details and profile picture with a sponsor. We will not share your email address. Sharing this information with a sponsor raises money for eVitabu development like new features and improving the way the app works. This means eVitabu will be better for you and other eVitabu users.

APF partners / content contributors
From time to time our partners might ask for statistics in relation to their content. For example, we might be asked how popular a series of resources has been. We will provide them annonymised download counts - we won't pass them the names of people who downloaded their content.

Why do I have to sign in with Google?

The eVitabu app runs on Android, which is provided by Google and you need to have a Google account to download the app via Google Play. By signing in to eVitabu via Google, we save you having to remember another username and password, and you receive the benefits of the security Google can provide the login process.

Your use of Google is also covered by Google's privacy policy